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Workers’ Compensation

If you were hurt at work, whether it was a sudden fall, lifting a heavy object, a condition that grew worse over time, or some other illness you developed from performing your job responsibilities, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Law provides benefits for lost time and medical treatment due to injuries sustained in the course of your employment. Workers’ Compensation is an eligibility based program. Facts surrounding your injury will need to be established, records must be kept up to date, and there are often hearings before a Judge which can impact your benefits. Clearly, this system is complex, confusing, and often difficult to navigate. The Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Dolce Panepinto are happy to help you effectively navigate this system and will fight to maximize the benefits available to you.

Sometimes third parties, like property owners and contractors, are partially responsible for on the job injuries. As a result, you may have a valid Personal Injury claim against those third parties. Because Dolce Panepinto uses a team approach to serve our clients, we can file your Personal Injury lawsuit while we are working on your Workers’ Compensation claim. We will make sure you can get the help you need, when you need it. There is no fee for our work unless you get the lost wages to which you are entitled. Contact us today at 716-852-1888 for a free case evaluation.